Peter Kunz Architektur mit Atelier Strut: Casa da Pign - best architects 16

Peter Kunz Architektur mit Atelier Strut

Casa da Pign

best architects 16

multi-family homes


Flims / Switzerland



Claudia Luperto


The house is set on an elongated, bending plot with striking rock deposits in the southwest corner. The surrounding architecture is made up of dwellings in typical Engadine style – as well as buildings by architect Rudolf Olgiati. Inspired by the rustic mountain setting, cast insulating concrete was chosen for the outer walls, lending the volume an authentic feeling of immediacy. The wall surfaces inside are treated identically, the imprint of the rough-sawn formwork boards underscoring the homogeneity of interior and exterior and giving the building a tactile, sensual quality when seen up close. The massiveness of the Misapor concrete outer walls, up to 80 centimetres thick, is made palpable by funnel-shaped window openings. The oblique-angled breaks in the outer form continue inside, where they are combined with offset spatial geometries to create harmonious rooms with diagonal sight lines. Precisely placed openings in varying sizes deliberately draw attention toward features in the closer and more distant surroundings. The views outdoors thus resemble permanently installed landscape pictures inserted into the walls. This also results in a façade composition that echoes the complex interior spatial sequences.