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House at Mill Creek

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Gustav Willeit


The single-family home is situated 2,828 feet above sea level, right at the entry into Mühlwalder Valley. The roof’s rising silhouette gives an impression of the upward-striving spatial sequence inside. Square-shaped windows in different sizes look onto significant features in the surrounding alpine landscape. The monolithic nature of the building is emphasised by the choice of uniform materials, such as local sands, limestone and white cement. Regional traditions are reflected on the interior as well, where artisanal quality is combined with typical local materials such as chalk-based plaster on the walls, hand-planed elmwood, Passeirer Gneiss rock and wrought bronze. European elm was used in the handcrafted windows, interior doors, floors, stairs and specially designed furniture. The handcrafted wrought bronze furniture handles, doorknocker and lamps are additional standout features.