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Maier Residence

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single family homes


Volker Wortmeyer


The distinctive features of the site are its steep topography and the dense stand of tall trees that make for a very private, introverted (natural) space. The client’s spatial requirements were met by dividing the volume into three approximately equal sections (each 40–50 square metres): office/work, living/dining and sleeping/bath/sauna. The spatial differentiation allows for niches to be created as retreat zones (a reading corner, a bench for reclining on the tiled stove in a window alcove ...), while in particular the elevated areas (kitchen, dining ...) offer extremely generous proportions. The project represents an attempt to question conventions, pushing their boundaries and rethinking them afresh. Special spatial sequences and relationships, as well as an experimental approach to timber construction, are addressed in both the interiors and on the façade. Precisely set widows and a striking upward-striving building typology shape the simple yet characteristic look and feel of the home.