Jan Henrik Hansen / Rolf Iseli: Badminton Hall Langnau am Albis - best architects 16

Jan Henrik Hansen / Rolf Iseli

Badminton Hall Langnau am Albis

best architects 16

commercial/industrial buildings


Langnau am Albis / Switzerland


The point of departure for the design was the draft to build a new badminton hall above the sports facility’s car park linked spatially and in its operation to the existing infrastructure. The soaring interior of the hall contrasts with the low-slung, open car park. The load-bearing structure is staged through a grid of supports whose form in combination with the ceiling resembles a rigid concrete table. Atop this table rests a steel skeleton that allows for a column-free hall for the badminton courts. The spatial properties of the game of badminton are thus echoed by the rhythm of the support structure and the polygonal geometry of the hall volume.