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Innauer Matt Architekten

House for Julia and Björn

best architects 16

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Adolf Bereuter


Nestled between a lime tree and a walnut tree, the new house pleasingly completes the scene in the hamlet of Egg. Its clearly defined layers take up the contour lines of the hillside while taking advantage of the slope of the narrow plot to incorporate additional spaces. The entrance is thus located on the first floor. Following the lateral fall of light, a finely showcased staircase leads down to the ground floor. Here, the family living space extends the whole length of the building – incorporating dining area, kitchen and living room. Outdoor terraces open up to the west and east under the leafy trees, and a bench set beneath a broad window inside provides the perfect perch for taking in the surrounding mountain panorama. Contrary to the spaciousness of the ground floor, the private retreats upstairs are more densely organised, although a gallery-like opening under the roof makes the small rooms astonishingly generous. The outward appearance of the house goes beyond what is merely functional. A fabric of wooden strips encloses the structure, providing weather protection but also acting as a finely woven dress, both concealing and revealing at the same time.