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Felippi Wyssen Architekten

Farmhouse Conversion in Adliswil

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interior work


Adliswil / Switzerland


Walter Mair


The 16th-century farmhouse – originally incorporating both a dwelling and a barn – is located outside Zurich, on a hill surrounded by woods and meadows. The new owners wanted to expand the existing residence by taking advantage of the generous unused threshing floor up above. A timber ceiling in the form of an upside-down tub was spanned longitudinally above the barn. This not only adds living space but also gives the living and dining room upstairs sweeping views over the valley. Upon entering the house, the »tub« ceiling immediately catches the eye as a new, geometric element and ensures that the original generous dimensions of the barn are maintained. From the front door, the visitor is guided through the building on a route that expands according to the function required, making room for various uses such as wardrobe, library and office. Upstairs, one enters the »tub«, which houses the living and dining rooms and spacious kitchen. The roof timbers form a prismatic frame for the panorama outside. A floor hatch in the living area creates a spatial connection to the barn and completes the circuit through the building.