FORMAT ELF ARCHITEKTEN: Haus B. in Munich-Aubing - best architects 16


Haus B. in Munich-Aubing

best architects 16

single family homes


Munich / Germany


Set on a small plot in a post-war housing development on the western outskirts of Munich, the house adheres to the rank and file rhythm of the neighbouring development – and yet marches to a different drummer. Its monolithic cubature, topped by a jauntily asymmetrical saddle roof, integrates all residential requirements while cutting a striking figure. Mastering the balancing act between the restrictive building code and the residents’ desire for both spatial and creative freedom, the three-storey volume accommodates a maximum of space on a small footprint and with a distinctive silhouette to boot. The street front flouts the grid-like rigour of its surroundings with a free-form array of different-sized windows, while the south façade offers a surprisingly high degree of transparency. Clearly zoned floor plans meet the needs of a young family and dovetail the house with the garden. A restrained colour and material concept gives the rooms a generous and clean-lined feel, while built-in furniture reinforces the functional aspect of the concept – a feeling of liberty in a compact space.