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haus cj_5

best architects 16

single family homes


Vienna / Austria


Hertha Hurnaus


In the pilot project »haus cj_5« a single-family home was built with typical qualities such as a generously sized garden and terrace on the living level but with a floor area ratio of 1.0, comparable to that of a multi-storey apartment block. This was made possible by means of a narrow floor plan of 5 x 35 metres, with firewalls on three sides to allow for the possibility of direct extension, internally linked living levels, a central atrium garden and focused horizontal and vertical daylight areas. From the outside, one enters a relatively enclosed white, sculptural space, which then continues to open up vertically as one proceeds from the studio/ garage in the entrance area to the living area and atrium garden. In this way, an internal set of very spacious interlocking rooms is developed, despite the narrowness of the property. The house supplies its own energy from photovoltaic panels and an air-to-water heating pump (heating requirements 41 kWh/sqm/a).