CORREIA/RAGAZZI ARQUITECTOS: Apartamento em Braga - best architects 16


Apartamento em Braga

best architects 16

interior work


Braga / Portugal


Luis Ferreira Alves


The clients owned two separate apartments that they intended to remodel into a duplex to better meet the needs of the family. We created a social floor on the lower level, consisting of a kitchen, laundry, living room, terrace and guest suite. The upper floor remained the most private area of the house. The union of both apartments was achieved by the introduction of an access stair, designed as a focal point that distributes the programme while also defining a balcony over the two-storey hall. The entire apartment was designed with materials chosen to create a play of volumes, light and dark. Light-coloured but high-texture walls finished in micro-cement are thus complemented by panels, doors and wardrobes in a darker colour, made of black Valchromat. The lower, social, floor is unified by its flooring in hand-made hydraulic mosaic, in a pattern that introduces texture and three-dimensionality.