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Bauart architekten und planer


best architects 16

multi-family homes


Nebikon / Switzerland



Ruedi Walti


Swisswoodhouse was developed as a wooden apartment building system, flexible and compatible with the »2,000-watt society« requirements. The building’s concept is based on the aggregation of 18-sqm wooden prefab modules. An entire catalogue of options has been devised, allowing for multiple combinations of apartments. High energy efficiency is achieved through compactness, an efficient building shell, the specific use of renewable energy (solar/thermal, solar panels, geothermal), and materials with environmentally friendly life cycles (for example, the use of native wood). The first Swisswoodhouse building, comprising 18 apartments, was constructed in Nebikon (CH). With their differentiated typologies, the apartments – with 2.5 to 5.5 rooms – reflect the multiple possibilities of the Swisswoodhouse system. The entire wooden construction, including the façade, is prefabricated and assembled in only three weeks.