Andreas Fuhrimann / Gabrielle Hächler / Carlo Fumarola / Gilbert Isermann: Villa Ensemble Zurich - best architects 16

Andreas Fuhrimann / Gabrielle Hächler / Carlo Fumarola / Gilbert Isermann

Villa Ensemble Zurich

best architects 16

single family homes


Zurich / Switzerland



Valentin Jeck


The subtle polygonal geometry of the two volumes affords both privacy and interesting vantage points, and joins with the sloping roofs to form a unified impression. The result is a sculptural quality that lends the buildings plasticity and a certain lightness. The houses’ design and expression are thus both formally distinctive and a fitting response to the context. Programme/ The two houses are accessed via a path through the garden. A »promenade architecturale« leads from the shared underground garage, illuminated by skylights, to the houses’ vertical circulation cores. The entrance areas thus combine both indoor and outdoor access on the respective ground floors. The polygonal floor plans allow for a differentiated distribution of spaces. The rooms set between these orthogonal structures and the folded progression of the façade form a spatial continuum that extends onwards to the upper storeys. A two-storey living room is the focal point of each house. From here, the other rooms are developed around the circulation core, which features an open fireplace. An important element of the below-ground spa area is access to the garden, which gives the room an unexpected spaciousness.