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Althaus Architekten Bern

Seidenweg Studio Building

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After a calming arrival in the rather dark lower level of this courtyard building, the space opens up to the light on various sides. The careful placement of the varied windows creates the desired varied light quality for the studio. Protected from direct sunlight, the workspaces enjoy modulated lighting, while the light entering the circulation areas varies widely over the course of the day to create a tangible connection to the outdoors. The whole house becomes a sensitive sundial and, despite extensions on all sides, transforms even minor changes in the weather into events in the interior. Without disturbing the tranquil overall mood, the juxtaposition of old building components left in their raw state and new, precisely detailed elements tells of the history of this building. The structure remains legible down to the last detail and thus conveys to the viewer an implicit understanding of his surroundings due to evidence of the various construction trades and their work processes.