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ACARCHITECTES Alexandre Clerc architectes

SPS - Salle polyvalente à Sâles (Gruyère)

best architects 16

public buildings


Sâles / Switzerland


Thomas Jantscher


The existing sports hall is located pretty randomly in the middle of the fields outside the village of Sales. The municipality, in which several clubs are active, wished to build a new entertainment venue next to the existing one. Redefining a common entrance connecting to the sports hall, or providing for the simultaneous use of both facilities and both galleries by using existing staircases, were the challenges of planning this multi-purpose hall. Therefore, the project suggested eliminating various extensions of the existing hall and affiliating the new building with the existing one, which produced a varied roof landscape. The objective of this project was not to neutralise the existing façades but to keep them as a visible evolution in the timeline. With two new football fields, the whole transformation also brings a new structural benchmark to this countryside and offers a new and uniform appearance for cultural and sports life in Sales.