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Showroom Fensterbau Jörg

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wps architekten, Schwäbisch Gmünd


The design brief called for a multi-purpose commercial building for administrative, storage, production and presentation for a company that makes doors and windows. The site is characterised by irregular topography, the heterogeneous styles of the existing buildings as well as the adjacent forest edges. The elevated new building (45 x 7 m) is divided into two areas. Storage and production are located on the ground floor. Polygonal cross-walls of exposed concrete form the boundaries of the outside storage and technical areas. These cross-walls are shaped to create an optimal passage width for incoming and outgoing plant deliveries. The upper floor houses the administrative offices and showroom. Encircling the showroom is a glazed circuit, and different theme areas are separated using detached wall elements. Both structural support components and product exhibits are integrated into the wall elements. Building and showroom thus form a cohesive unit and act as a company showcase radiating out to the adjacent footpath. The precise formulation of the building underscores the company’s high standard of craftsmanship.