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Neubau Blaue Kita Monheim

best architects 15

public buildings


Monheim / Germany


Constantin Meyer / Köln


The plot is like a narrow towel laid out amongst multi-storey apartment buildings and a sports hall badly in need of renovation. Four group houses and a community house form a striking elongated structure. Variously inclined roof surfaces create a lively roofscape that unites the five buildings into a cohesive ensemble. Only the entrance and a few large windows interrupt the north façade. Toward the south, the day-care centre opens up with a large transparent glass front onto the garden and the outdoor play areas. The roof and side walls project beyond the glass wall, enclosing the terrace and protecting the interior from overheating. The blue polyurethane coating on the roof and wall surfaces accentuates the unique zigzag form of the single-storey day-care facility. Visible from the surrounding multi-storey buildings, the roof surfaces are incorporated into the design as a fifth elevation.