tillicharchitektur: Produktions- und Bürogebäude Textilmacher - best architects 15


Produktions- und Bürogebäude Textilmacher

best architects 15

commercial/industrial buildings




Michael Compensis / München


The building houses production and office space for the company Textilmacher, which does textile printing and embroidery. Its most striking element is the geometrically folded façade. The matt-finished, smooth surfaces of the coloured concrete respond in continually new ways to the seasons and time of day, as well as to weather and light. The façade thus constantly changes its character, looking either strongly or less strongly modelled. The scale of the large precast concrete elements is echoed in the windows, the seamless textile sun shades and the gates. As a counterpoint to the expressive façade, the interior design is reserved, putting the focus on the production facilities and the products displayed in the showroom. All rooms are reduced to just a few high-quality materials: polished screed floors, larch window frames and white powder-coated steel. Open, column-free spaces on all floors allow for a high degree of flexibility and ongoing adaptation to the production processes.