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Bürohaus mit Wohngeschoss Laur-Park

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office/administrative buildings




Andrea Helbling, Zürich


The timber office building was designed as an extension of the headquarters of the Swiss Farmers Association. The structure and materials are intended as a visual reference to the client and also to the Swiss tradition of timber construction. The window grid provides the basic measure for the layout of the interior spaces, but also for the structure of the load-bearing pillars and for the ribbed ceilings constructed of a combination of wood and concrete. The partitionable floors allow for different working environments, from an open-plan office to group or individual offices. There is a cafeteria in the spacious foyer that also serves as a meeting place for those working in the surrounding buildings. Four spacious apartments are offered on the second floor. Preference was given in the construction to indigenous raw materials in the interest of environmentally sustainability. The façade is clad in naturally pre-weathered silver fir. Together with the wood and metal windows, a durable and low-maintenance building shell is achieved. The building is linked to the neighbourhood heating system, which uses wood chip heating.