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Areal Frieden

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multi-family homes




Andrea Helbling, Zürich


Along Wehntalerstrasse, a new housing estate combining senior apartments, a children’s day-care centre and a child-parent centre has created a new focal point in the middle of Affoltern. With its loose development structure and lush vegetation, central Affoltern is like a garden city. This aspect is taken up in the arrangement of three buildings of varying heights, staggered to allow for open vistas in all directions. The base storeys, which horizontally extend the individual buildings at the ground-floor level almost like shadows, house the more public functions. On each floor above, a mix of two-room and small three-room apartments is offered. On the park side, the buildings create a square that serves as a meeting place and the site of the bus stop and future tram stop for the complex. The children’s playground is located on the side with the two-family houses, in a quiet and protected area.