peterlorenzateliers: Neubau des IVB Betriebsdienstgebäudes - best architects 15


Neubau des IVB Betriebsdienstgebäudes

best architects 15

office/administrative buildings




Paolo Utimpergher, Venedig


The essential features of the design are:__The assimilation of the surrounding sight lines and the framing of the streetscape.__The creation of a distinctive projecting building corner at the Pastorstrasse intersection – with the driveway onto the grounds staging the entrance to the new service building. The views into the tram shed are significantly reduced – the facility gets its technical identity from the connection/cross-linking of the building with the trams running below.__The planting of a new group of trees along Pastorstrasse embeds the building in a park-like environment and is aligned with the tree-lined street. Through the new planting, urban discipline is imposed on the former »free-flowing« streetscape.__The façade is distinguished by the vitality of carefully coordi-nated hues. The quality criteria for the façade (functionality, aesthetics and vitality) are taken a step further here.