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Haus in der March

best architects 15

single family homes


Kanton Schwyz


Dominique Marc Wehrli, La Chaux-de-Fonds


The house is located in a densely populated neighbourhood. The building was designed as a split level to create a connection with the outdoors on various levels. This enables a sequence of spaces with varying degrees of privacy, light qualities and orientations. Family life revolves around an open living area organised across multiple levels. A partition wall with functional built-in elements on both sides separates this area from the bedrooms. Breakthroughs link the two worlds and thus create an intimacy between the community life of the family and individual privacy. Exterior walls, middle wall and floor slabs form a frame of reinforced concrete that cantilevers out over the glazed entrance. This serves to enlarge the usable surrounding space. On the façade, rough trowel-thrown plaster in a light colour is finished with a reflective silver layer that picks out the peaks to create a lively surface relief. The sculptural effect of the house thus changes depending on the viewing angle and the fall of light.