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Kath. Gemeindezentrum St. Bonifatius, Herbrechtingen

best architects 15

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Brigida Gonzalez, Stuttgart


Completed in 2013, the St. Boniface Parish Centre in Herbrechtingen completes the ensemble surrounding the parish church, which the architects finished renovating in 2007. Extensions and additions made over the years had the effect of obscuring the hierarchy of the buildings as well as the spatial sequences. The aim of the concept was to give the church back its prominent position while creating a well-defined, specific location that would give the parish a home and an identity. The existing qualities of the complex were assimilated and the spaces reconfigured to establish a clear focal point. The existing parish hall below the church now gives directly onto the new parish courtyard. A spatial sequence leading from the church square to the courtyard and garden effects a »conditioning« of visitors. The wall enclosing the courtyard quotes the cloister motif, extending from the existing vestry. The integrated building sections house the foyer, a few group rooms and, facing the street, the new two-storey parish office.