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Ganztagsbetreuung Realschule Zusmarshausen

best architects 15

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Brigida Gonzalez, Stuttgart


The school complex is located on the edge of the town of Zusmarshausen, at the interface between a residential neighbourhood and the adjacent wetland landscape, a popular recreation area. The new building for lunchtime and after-hours pupil supervision, conceived as a single-storey pavilion with a hipped roof, inserts itself as a further solitary volume into the open ensemble made up of the primary school and the Hauptschule and Realschule secondary schools, the sport hall and the swimming pool. The pavilion’s entrance faces the schoolyard of the Realschule. A vista that runs straight through the building plays variations on the dominant spatial theme of the Realschule while adding its own interpretation: openness and transparency on the one hand, retreat and concentration on the other. The cafeteria, an interior courtyard that can be used for eating, playing, relaxing or as an open-air classroom, and the foyer serve as an open sequence of spaces for communication, while the directly adjacent classrooms provide a quieter setting. The hipped roof made of slender copper-clad weatherboard lends the building a distinctive look and identity within the school complex.