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The design challenge here lay in a steeply sloping site with a large disparity in levels, accessed from below and embedded in unattractive, immediately adjacent neighbourhood construction. Based on these givens, the substantial spatial programme was conceived as a sequence of vertically layered rooms following the slope and arranged along a side staircase connecting all storeys and serving as a backbone for the house. At the top level is the spacious living area with fantastic views. It was possible to satisfy the client’s desire for maximum transparency coupled with unconditional privacy by varying the floor plans level by level to incorporate concealed outdoor areas such as courtyards, terraces, outdoor stairs, a spa area and outdoor pool at the side of the main volume. Seen from the lateral boundaries of the site, the building thus makes a hermetically sealed impression, whilst from the inside vistas open up in all directions. Neither the hermetic look nor the proximity of the neighbouring buildings is noticeable on the interior. Spectacular spatial impressions that make each level unique, views and variations are the ingredients that make up this special hillside home.