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Wohnhaus Elsinger/Kljuna

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single family homes




Simon Bauer, Linz


The Niederweng housing estate in St. Georgen near Grieskirchen was extended through the addition of new building land – literally »greenfields«. Although the zoning is for single-family homes, no future buildings had yet been planned. One side of the plot is closed to further construction and has wonderful views onto the surrounding cultural landscape. The main objective of the design was therefore to protect the inhabitants’ privacy. The house accordingly presents a closed front to the outside. The request for a building flexible enough for variable future uses led to the decision to place an inner courtyard at the centre onto which all rooms open out. The living area, kitchen, terraces and bedroom flow without transition into this central space. The materials used are »earthy« and simple: bush-hammered and polished concrete for the interiors, scraped mineral stucco for the outer shell. Anodised aluminium and other high-grade materials meet the client’s demand for long-lasting quality.