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Pedevilla Architekten

Wohnhaus Pliscia 13

best architects 15

single family homes


Enneberg, Italien


Gustav Willeit, Corvara


The building ensemble is located at 1,200 feet, nestled in the protected landscape of the »viles« and the Dolomites. The entire house was cast in concrete with dolomite rock aggregates. The wood used, pine and larch, comes from the neighbourhood and was cut down during the proper moon phase in the year prior to the commencement of construction. The wood cladding with its projecting sections pays homage to the old houses surrounding House Pliscia in the hamlet, whose wooden facades usually integrate a sheltered loggia. Inside the two houses, untreated and hand-planed solid pine for the floors, doors, windows and furniture creates a congenial atmosphere in harmony with the exposed concrete walls, ceilings and part of the floors. The building is self-sufficient, with its own water source, geothermal energy, passive use of solar energy and a photovoltaic system integrated in the roof.