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Wohnhaus Pfarrmesner

best architects 15

multi-family homes


Sterzing, Italien


Gustav Willeit


The new »Pfarrmesner House« is located on the southern outskirts of Sterzing. Due to the region’s harsh climate, the architects developed a compact volume whose scale and grain harmonise with the heterogeneous surrounding development. The façade’s uniform »porphyry red« tone is meant to underscore the building’s monolithic appearance. The individual apartment layouts find a common denominator in the consistent design of the exterior. The four apartments extend over several floors and face both east and west. The »Pfarrmesner House« is a solid masonry building with a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete and an insulated stucco façade to which an extremely fine-grained modelling plaster was applied using a patchy spatula technique. The exterior colour echoes the porphyry stone native to the region. The concrete surfaces have porphyry aggregates and were washed out. All metal surfaces on the façade are powder-coated in the same shade.