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Neff Neumann Architekten

Wohnsiedlung Dollikerstrasse

best architects 15

multi-family homes




Roger Frei, Zürich


The site’s immediate surroundings display a heterogeneous development structure. Small-scale historical buildings contrast with large-scale industrial enterprises. The design pursues the idea of generating a planar building complex with an extra-deep volume that is embedded in the surrounding countryside and yet enters into a dialogue with the adjoining garden. The specific constellation of plot depth, orientation and urban development leads to a building depth of more than 21 metres. A characteristic element of each apartment is the meandering living area, which wraps around an atrium that is set above a loggia looking onto the garden. The atriums provide multiple intriguing perspectives between loggia, living room and kitchen. The look of the exterior is dictated for the most part by corrugated Eternit cladding whose dark-green colour takes up the tonality of the nearby lake and wide-ranging landscape.