NERMA LINSBERGER: Wohnhaus Beckmanngasse - best architects 15


Wohnhaus Beckmanngasse

best architects 15

multi-family homes




Andreas Buchberger, Wien


A spacious open entranceway on the ground floor already affords views of the green courtyard from the street. There is a room for bicycles and strollers right on the ground floor, with natural light. As both façades receive almost the same quality of light and sun, the loggias and living quarters are arranged alternately. The access stairs, open toward the courtyard, promote communication between residents, and the long landings can also be used as shared balconies. The apartments are laid out as lofts with a central plumbing core, offering different options for the arrangement of rooms and for varying lifestyles and degrees of openness. The underground car park affords space for 12 cars and enjoys natural light. The courtyard is designed to ensure residents a lasting enhancement to quality of life and, in conjunction with the private balconies, lively use as an extra green space.