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Confignon Haus

best architects 15

single family homes




Matthieu Gafsou / Lausanne


Located on an elongated site, the new residence makes the most of the available area. Taking advantage of the slight grade of the orchard, the building is conceived as a set of three volumes proceeding down the slope. Each volume varies in height and opens on both sides onto the garden. The day rooms (living room and kitchen) occupy the central section, whilst the guest room is located in the uppermost volume and the lower part of the building houses the children’s rooms. Another room is located in the basement. Two bathroom blocks mark off the main rooms, which are connected via a peripheral corridor. The structural concrete shell both shields the residents from the noise of the nearby road and capitalises on the uneven shape resulting from the height variations on the interior to lend the building a unique look. Large windows provide transparency, whilst the vertical rhythm and depth of their pinewood frames and posts accentuate the close relationship between the interior spaces and their extension outdoors.