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Ken Architekten


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Hannes Henz, Zürich


The building defies the conventional idea of what a terraced house should look like. The 16 condominium apartments are fused like islands into an overall form with clearly defined edges. The shape clings to the contours of the existing terrain, reacting to the course of the slope with differentiated oblique angles. With its choice of materials, colouration, lack of detail and large scale, the volume seems to be part of the Bruggerberg hill. Eight simply structured 4.5- to 5.5-room apartments are arranged along the east and west sides of a central stairway. The main floor of each flat has floor-to-ceiling windows across its entire breadth, facing onto a terrace. Rooms can optionally be separated off with lightweight partition walls. The garage on the ground floor serves as a noise barrier toward the busy main street. On the other floors, stout balustrades and the closing off of the terraces at the sides create quiet, private living areas and outdoor spaces.