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Walter Mair, Basel


An existing house in a 1950s neighbourhood was dismantled down to the garden floor, which now serves as foundation for the new house. The house’s proportions and the ornamental relief elements on the façade pay homage to the era when the neighbourhood was built, but give it a new face. The layout offers generous living spaces on a single storey, with functional areas overlapping: the coat room is also a dressing room, the master bedroom an extension of the living room and the circulation zones are suspenseful room sequences that do double duty as play areas. This spatial continuum corresponds and contrasts with the more strictly defined service core, which is rendered in mustard yellow and bordeaux red. The tectonics, spans and load directions that form the spaces can be felt in the rooms, which are painted a uniform off-white so that the fall of light and shadow accentuates the structural details. The building was designed as an energy-plus house with a very low proportion of grey energy.