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Haus Mabillard

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Nicolas Sedlatchek, Sion


The project site is located in the upper part of the village of Grimisuat, on a south-facing plot with a view of the Rhône Valley. The topography ranges from a gentle slope on one side to a steep hillside on the other. With its saddle roof, reduced volume and wood façade, the house gives the impression of a cabin. All rooms are located on a single level, making this a perfect senior home for the couple who live there. The floor plan is organised into specific volumes: kitchen, bathroom, patio and terrace form a permanent living area with sub-rooms for varied uses. The patio, from which the house is accessed, is a true open-air room under the sky, while the terrace in the south conveys the feeling of living in the trees. The dark floor creates a stark contrast to the walls of exposed concrete and emphasises the feeling of permanence. Bathroom and kitchen are immersed in bright green tones and have lower ceilings.