FORMAT ELF ARCHITEKTEN: Langhäuser im Hofgut Hafnerleiten - best architects 15


Langhäuser im Hofgut Hafnerleiten

best architects 15

single family homes


Töging am Inn


Lothar Reichel, Dachau


Nestled in the Lower Bavarian landscape, three longhouses were built in extension of the award-winning theme house concept implemented at the Hofgut estate in Hafnerleiten. The houses are united by a common architectural idiom but each evokes a different theme. The black-stained timber cladding lends a sleek look while relating to the weather-tanned old barns typical of the area. The façade moves, fanned by the wind, just like the weathered sides of old farm buildings. Precisely proportioned glazed cubes pushed out of the façades provide a focal point for each house’s theme and allow the inhabitants to commune with the landscape. Reflective glass surfaces weave the houses into their natural surroundings, ornamenting the façades with impressions of the environment.