Buero Wagner mit A. Kreft: Gamsei - best architects 15

Buero Wagner mit A. Kreft


best architects 15

interior work


Munich / Germany


Jann Averwerser / München


When M. Bax opened the Gamsei cocktail bar in Munich, he introduced the kind of hyperlocalism now found everywhere on the food scene to the realm of drinks as well. At Gamsei, all ingredients are foraged in the wild or obtained directly from local producers. This focus on regional products and local culture, a philosophy that sets Gamsei apart from its competitors, is clearly evoked in the interior design – in addition to using local materials, emphasis was placed on close cooperation with local craftsmen. In the confined space, two multi-tiered benches rise up like seating in an amphitheatre, eliminating the usual separation between bartender and guest. Boundaries similarly blur in the way the dried herbs used to create cocktails are kept in full view in the walk-in cupboard. The wood joinery wall also conceals the coffee machine and the doors to the bathrooms and laboratory. Complementing the wood interior are white ceramic bottles containing house-made essences that are suspended overhead from a black steel grille.