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Bodensee / Germany


Michael Heinrich / München


In an estate set on the lake shore with heritage buildings and mature trees, the existing buildings, most of them listed, were restored and supplemented by new structures. The integration of the new additions into the protected park landscape played a special role in the project. Experimenting with jumps in scale and the building types of classical park architecture, the architects designed the new outbuilding as a »Park Garage«. They were inspired by its direct proximity to the villa to create a transformation of the main building, scaling down its exterior and adding an element of linear distortion. The painted wood façade abstracts that of the original building in terms of both material and colour scheme while fitting in with the conventional look of the local outbuildings. The detailing in the new building’s outward appearance, its discrepancy from the profane content and the leap in scale all pay tribute to the »follies« familiar from classical park architecture.