Baumberger & Stegmeier: Wohnhaus Segantinistrasse Zürich - best architects 15

Baumberger & Stegmeier

Wohnhaus Segantinistrasse Zürich

best architects 15

multi-family homes




Roland Bernath, Zürich


The building takes a form that harmoniously blends in with the trees on the site, while re-interpreting the scale of the surroundings and underscoring the independence of each of the four condominium apartments. Each storey has its own individual orientation and access to terrace or garden, in conjunction with a spacious floor plan. The uniqueness of a single-family home in the layout of the apartments thus fuses with the elegance of a city villa in the building’s outward appearance. The design of the flats is based on today’s upscale living standards and they are thus divided into a public part with living and dining room and a more private wing for the bedrooms. All rooms are generously glazed toward the south, overlooking the Limmat River Valley and the Alps. Alternately arranged, the balconies and terraces create a direct connection to the garden and the views and are partially covered thanks to the overlapping of the various floor plan geometries. The two lower apartments have direct access to private gardens, while those on the upper floors benefit from the trees on the plot and the lush surroundings.