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Architekturwerkstatt Dworzak

t4 - Wohnen im Stickereiloft

best architects 15

multi-family homes




Günter König, Ruggell


The 100-year-old hall of an embroidery factory has been divided along its structural grid into six lofts, each con-sisting of a living level with a gallery above. The existing building fabric was viewed as an opportunity for conceiving a »different« kind of dwelling while at the same time preserving a conventional building within a changing environment. The design leaves the outer shell of the building intact to preserve its identity, merely creating new entryways into the house and the garden. Components removed from the original structure are reinstated elsewhere, such as the box windows. Old and new parts of the building complement one another, but still remain readable as such. The use of lightweight wood construction for partition walls and galleries made it possible to retain the existing foundations, which once supported the embroidery machines. Industrial products such as plank ceilings and 3S panels were left untreated as key design elements. The gallery level can be augmented with additional floorboards.