Ackermann + Raff: Festhalle Neckarallee in Neckartailfingen - best architects 15

Ackermann + Raff

Festhalle Neckarallee in Neckartailfingen

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Thomas Herrmann, Stuttgart


For the new Festival Hall in Neckartailfingen, a public space was designed that would vividly convey the facility’s importance for the community. The Neckarallee as a defining element of the landscape is now completed by the repositioned Festival Hall with its Festival Square. The new hall is divided into two parts: an enclosed area with all the necessary functions for the stage, including a multi-purpose room, and an open event space for visitor functions. The building’s most prominent feature is the roof structure. A diamond-shaped support grid echoes the appearance of the overlapping boughs and branches of the trees along Neckarallee. The tilted ceiling panels within the diamond-shaped fields form a lively landscape overhead, comparable to the leafy canopy of the surrounding trees. Polished Neckar gravel is incorporated into the visible floor screed, mimicking the ground on which the hall is built. Dark wood panels line the volume holding the kitchen and bathrooms, their material and texture modelled on the tree trunks lining Neckarallee.