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BIGyard – Baugruppenprojekt Zelterstraße 5

best architects 14

multi-family homes




Simon Menges


A housing complex in the city – individual homes, a large garden, green roofs, expansive views, front entrances leading in directly from the street and a parking space at the rear – the project BIGyard is the realisation of the dream of a single-family home in the big city. Combining the advantages of one’s own home with the density of a housing complex gives the community aspect new meaning. This project reflects exactly this ideal of community plus private sphere. The houses have multiple entrances so their residents don’t have to constantly run into each other. At the same time, however, paths do cross now and then in the courtyard, lobby, garage and on the street. The size of the project enabled the realisation of a series of shared facilities: the 1,300 sqm back garden, which is not divided up into individual yards, and the shared roof terrace with a view over Berlin, complete with a summer kitchen, sauna and four guest apartments. The car-free front garden, the narrow axial grid, and the separate and yet overlapping access points give the complex a village-like feel.