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Lokalbahnhof Lamprechtshausen

best architects 14

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Kurt Kurball


The new railway station concourse is bright and transparent – and green. The northern longitudinal side consists of sculpturally formed concrete walls arranged like gills, with vines growing on the inside. These living walls influence the interior climate and the impression made by the space. The southern longitudinal side is glazed. The space opens to the outdoors, integrating the row of bus stops and large-crowned trees. The primary support structure is simple: round concrete pillars on the south side along with the north walls carry a filigree, 45-cm-think slab of prestressed reinforced concrete. This slab is both a light-giving and load-bearing structure; it carries forward the southern projection and holds cone-shaped glazed skylights illuminating the middle platform. Triangular skylights over the green walls provide the plants with natural light. The adjoining building closes off the hall like a kind of »cork«. The walls here consist of three layers of prefabricated concrete elements. In contrast to the hall, the concrete here is in an earth tone. Outside, the walls are sandblasted and inside they are polished to a terrazzo-like finish.