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Marc Lins


Completed in 2000, the main house is a sharp-edged two-storey exposed concrete volume – a meteorite that has touched down on the steep slope. The family of girls eventually outgrew this hermetic structure, inspiring the architect and owner to design an additional volume that creates an ensemble. Oxidised Corten steel harmonises in its authenticity and tonality with the raw, heavy concrete while also camouflaging the timber framework. The interior appearance of the tower echoes that of the house – wooden, warm-toned, fine-pored. Between them, a new courtyard stretches out, featuring a pool dug into the earth – uncompromising, obstinate. Oxidised steel for the floor and walls, fortified like a knight’s armour. Just like the tower with its steel vents on the south and north sides, and fixed glazing to the east. Passing through the library, and then descending a few steps through the extra kitchen and dining room, the daughters vanish up the spiral staircase into their chambers. There, a view opens up to the protection of the parents’ house and the adjacent forest full of promise. The hermetic nature of the concept is the dominant impression, and yet it opens up astounding scope for both withdrawal and congeniality in a relatively confined area.