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Okims - Koreanisches Restaurant

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Marcel A. Mayer


Madang – in Korean this means a place for the community, an open space for encounters and also the scene of daily life. Old Korean homes had an inner courtyard where the family spent most of their time. And villages also had a public square for this purpose. A Madang is however not only a physical space, but also the idea of strengthening the community through design and cohesion. This interpretation has been realised both visually and functionally in this restaurant. A Tekmaru (wooden platform) would have marked the transition from a farm building in the courtyard of the Korean home. This is represented here by a solid wooden bench that forms the threshold to the inner courtyard. A solid wooden table in the centre stands for the Pyonsang. This is a place for interaction, discussions, fun and of course eating. In the old days, the farmer would have gazed up at the starry night sky from his Madang, looking forward to the next day. The stars are symbolised here by small ball-shaped lights.