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Porsche Pavillion

best architects 14

interior work




Lukas Roth


The new Porsche Pavilion is the first new structure to be added to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg since its opening in the year 2000. In the interior of the dynamically shaped building, visitors encounter a dark, concentrated space. The spatial media-based exhibition concept combines evolutionary continuity, the art of engineering and the fascination of the sports car in a spectacular showcase that offers a total-immersion experience. The original-model Porsche is the starting point for a swarm of 25 silver-coloured vehicle models in a scale of 1 : 3, which sweeps into the room, symbolising the development of the various model series and racing cars. The jump in scale from the models to three original cars from the current vehicle range marks the transition to the present. The swarm and the vehicles are embedded in a media-generated sound and film environment that adds another sensory dimension to the presentation. Interactive tablet computers with detailed information complete the visitor experience.