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Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architektur

Wirtschaftsgebäude Zentralfriedhof

best architects 14

commercial/industrial buildings




Bruno Klomfar


A solid frame contains the differentiated ensemble and forms a tranquil horizon as seen from the outside. This all-encompassing outer shell hides the hustle and bustle in the operations building courtyard from the tranquillity-seeking visitors to the cemetery. Despite the outward coherence, the structure is nonetheless porous, allowing for optimal lighting of the interior and facilitating access from several sides, so that vehicles and equipment can be utilised quickly. The nuanced colouration of the concrete wall creates a restrained vibrancy, a suitable backdrop for the tombstones rising up before it. The façades on the courtyard side, made of perforated trapezoidal bronze panels, have a uniform, closed appearance. A common porch connects the individual volumes with their varying functions, enabling weather-protected access to the different parts of the building.