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Najjar + Najjar Architekten

Unesco Schiffs- und Welterbezentrum

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Manfred Seidl


The design combines a new cruise ship pier and a world heritage centre. A sweeping roof spans the whole and connects the elements like a sheltering wing. This spectacular roof acts as a landmark signalling arrival at the popular destination while also serving as a distinctive gateway to the scenic landscape of the Wachau. On the city side it guides the excursionists to the locus of experience, of emotions. A new setting is articulated, creating strong links between river and city, between countryside and urbanity. The large gate forms a frame for various types of encounter ... whether cultural, culinary or interpersonal. Educational zone, catering, retail and ticket station merge into a unified whole. On the west side of the site is the educational zone of the World Heritage Centre, which introduces visitors to the region using both literary and visual media. Six illuminated image panels present the various facets of the Wachau. An inviting outdoor staircase leads visitors up from the riverfront promenade to the »gateway to the Wachau«.