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Modersohn & Freiesleben Architekten

Mietshaus Choriner Straße

best architects 14

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Stefan Müller


Choriner Strasse is a quiet residential street in an historic neighbourhood in Berlin-Mitte. The new building fills a plot that has a 32-metre street front, twice as wide as the adjacent sites. The street façade echoes in its eaves height, scale and proportions the neighbouring buildings from the 1870s, but sets its own elegant accent by means of two projecting bays, a natural stone base and narrow stone cornices. The residence contains 23 apartments with two, three or four rooms (2,700 sqm of living area in total). As in the Berlin apartment buildings from the turn of the 19th century, a larger living room is combined with a series of rooms of equal size. The staircases are set on the street side like they are in classical Modernist apartment houses so that the preferred orientation toward the garden and the south-west is reserved for the living areas, which open to the outside with balconies and loggias. The two ground-floor flats, accessed via the courtyard, have private gardens and are barrier-free.