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Wohnhaus in Kaltern

best architects 14

single family homes




Oskar Da Riz


The site is a located on the periphery of the city centre of Caldaro overlooking a lake at the foot of a mountain range. The clients issued a project brief describing the climatic peculiarities of the site, inviting the architect to respond to the various ways they would ideally like to experience the change of seasons over the course of the year. To deal with the significant jumps in temperature and two prevailing kinds of winds (hot and cold), the house navigates the sloped site with a series of variegated outdoor spaces that pinwheel off the main body of the house. Hovering above the ground by way of a continuous glass and bronze façade, the house is anchored down by the airy, triple-height foyer. The fireplace and the main staircase cluster around this pivotal space to create a dynamic centre from which the various living quarters radiate outwards.