Liechti Graf Zumsteg Architekten: Neue Sternen Trotte, Würenlingen - best architects 14

Liechti Graf Zumsteg Architekten

Neue Sternen Trotte, Würenlingen

best architects 14

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René Rötheli


The Weingut zum Sternen winery used to process grapes in a nondescript press in the village centre of Würenlingen. With the renovation project, operations were optimised and a wine bar was integrated into the winepress building. The winery now has a new image to match its philosophy. A tightening of the building’s volume, incorporating the characteristic projecting roofs, creates an expressive gable façade. An ornamental pattern covers the side of the building, whose timber cladding has cut-out joints featuring star shapes. This pattern takes up the tradition of wooden farm buildings as well as the emblem of the winery. The perforated façade makes for an interesting play of light – during the day from outside to inside, and at night in the opposite direction. In the tasting room under the gable, the focus is on the wine. The walls with their anthracite-coloured wood panelling recede and a gleaming white table forms a stage for the wine.