Lepel & Lepel: Neugestaltung Altarraum Lutherkirche Düsseldorf - best architects 14

Lepel & Lepel

Neugestaltung Altarraum Lutherkirche Düsseldorf

best architects 14

interior work




Jens Kirchner


The renovation of the Lutheran Church of Düsseldorf was to include a redesigned chancel. This also involved artistically positioning the principal furnishings to enable variable use of the space. The altar was to be freestanding and movable, in order to make room for events. Lepel & Lepel assigned three platforms to the three parts of the liturgy: baptism, proclamation and Eucharist. The existing stepped levels were extended so that the altar is brought forward from the depths of the chancel, closer to the congregation. At the centre of the space is now the altar, made of ten wooden panels and ten concrete blocks. The elements are aligned along a cross-shaped piece of steel, which penetrates all layers. The removal of the altar is an almost archaic process: layer for layer, the wooden panels and concrete blocks are lifted and placed against the rear wall, where they form a proper stage. The final sculptural touch is the bible rest, which is laid as a capstone on the top panel.