LP architektur: Maschinenring, St. Johann - best architects 14

LP architektur

Maschinenring, St. Johann

best architects 14

office/administrative buildings


St. Johann/Pg./Österreich


Volker Wortmeyer


The building consists of an urban ensemble made up of a main volume and auxiliary wing. The spacious entrance acts as image enhancer and leads via a covered porch zone into the main access area. In the work areas, the systematic use of dark surfaces creates an elegant contrast to the silver fir that is deployed not only as a structural material but also in the furniture. The office units are of equal standard on all floors and have room-high openings that make for a fluid transition to the covered balconies outside. The overall appearance of the solid wood construction follows the concept of »set-back« office units with projecting balconies. This creates a tectonic effect within the cubature that breaks up the rigid form without negating the advantages of a compact building design.